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That was us!

FamilyFirstShopping.com is put together by Rob & Kay, a pair of cousins and godparents to twin girls! 

Kay is a college student, daughter, granddaughter, half-sister, girlfriend, and niece. 
Rob is a son, grandson, brother, uncle, step-brother, step-son, and nephew.
We use these close relationships to develop the unique and heartfelt messages you see in our gifts.

This store was started after Rob designed a necklace for his sister-in-law to gift to his brother during her pregnancy. Rob & Kay continued designing our own gifts for family members more often before coming up with the idea of this store to provide products we designed for our family, for you to gift to yours! We think this helps to reassure you of both the quality and thought in these gifts. If we don't gift it, we don't sell it!

Our goal is to be as honest and forthright with you about all of our products to assure we meet and exceed your expectations in both quality and customer service. Two of the top priorities in our family are honesty and trustworthiness and we look to bring those values to this store with complete transparency in what you're buying.

All of our products are designed by members of our family in the USA before being personalized and shipped from either Florida 🇺🇸 or Amsterdam 🇳🇱 depending on your location.

Feel confident that you can track your shipment or contact us at any time.

We look forward to helping you find the gift you've been looking for.
- Rob & Kay